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Buy Now Pay Later with AfterPay!

You simply need:

  • A debit card or credit card
  • To be over 18 years of age
  • To live in Australia

Checkout with Afterpay

The email address of the Customer is used by Afterpay to recognise whether the customer is new to Afterpay or an existing Afterpay customer.
New Afterpay Customers
Following the Checkout with Afterpay page, the customer will be asked to verify their mobile phone number. They will be texted a code which they will need to correctly enter before they can proceed.

Please be aware that Afterpay does not approve all orders. The most common reasons for an order failing to be approved by Afterpay is due to following:
the customer not having sufficient funds on their card
the customer not entering their card details correctly
As no order has been placed, Afterpay does not issue any communication to the customer or Suadelas Boudoir.

Once Afterpay has approved an order, the order details and order value cannot be changed.

If ordering through AfterPay Suadela's Boudoir DOES NOT REFUND CASH to a customer. Instead Suadela's Boudoir provides a refund through Afterpay.